• In the Style by Kieran Shea

    Ashley H. Sexton, daughter of Sybil M. Sexton and Dr. Robert L. Sexton of Westchester, NY, was married this past Friday to Jacob K. Brock, son of Harold B. Brock and Dolores A. Brock of Short Hills, NJ.  Rabbi Adam Bing officiated the ceremony at Crease, a rooftop event space in lower Soho reopened this […]

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  • From Lombard to Lebkuchen (circa 1998) by Kieran Shea

    -What the—? No way. This has got to be a joke. What kind of—what kind of a person would make something like this? Paul? Are you listening to me? Did you hear what I just said? -Mmm? -Look at this thing. -Wow, a gingerbread house. How festive. -That’s all you’ve got to say? -Well, I […]

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  • For Worse by Kieran Shea



    -I don’t like this.

    -There’s nothing to like.

    -But, Jen—

    -You just need to do what I tell you, Tommy.

    -But this can’t possibly be real. It’s got to be something else. Some drill.

    -Honey, there’s not a lot of time. You need to pick up Connie at school and keep driving north. If you leave right now, and I mean right now, you two should get to the cabin in five hours, four and a half if you push it. You’ll be well ahead of everyone. If we’re lucky, really lucky, the story won’t break ‘til you’re nearly halfway there.

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  • The Orphan by Kieran Shea

    With a cooling shotgun across his lap, Peter Bradley sits on his mother’s favorite couch and wonders if he has the nerve left to finish it. Two of his father’s chalky, tiny Ativans dissolve in a hot wash of whiskey in Peter’s stomach while he stares at the phone on the polished coffee table in […]

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  • Blue Water Black by Kieran Shea

    -We should do something. … … … -Emerson? -Like what? -I don’t know. …. … -This is not our responsibility, Susan. -Well, I think we should at least try. -Listen, we’re pulling anchor on the afternoon tide. That’s, like, an hour from now. We can motor over then and see if he’s okay. -Isn’t that […]

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  • Waiting on the 6:15 by Kieran Shea

    -Anyway, what can I say? She ended up transferring the next semester. Bates or Hobart, I think. … -What? -I can’t believe you just told me that. -C’mon, it’s no big deal. I mean, who cares now right? … … … -Jesus, man, will you stop it with the pinched face? You want another drink? […]

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  • Mining for Gold by Kieran Shea

    -Shhh. You should stop struggling. Struggling lessens the morphine’s benefit. -Lessens the what? -You, señor. The morphine in your blood. The less you move, the longer it will last. -Wha—where am I? -You are here. -Where’s here? -Outside the city. Cabo. Cabo San Lucas. You are here on vacation. You do not remember? -Did something […]

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  • Going All Shatner by Kieran Shea

    -Oh, c’mon. What is that? -This thing? Went to a Blue Claws game up in Lakewood back in June. Took my nephews for bat promo night. Dirty water dogs, some suds for me and birch beers for the kids…they were giving theses shit beaters away. Of course, I’m not one for baseball, but it was […]

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  • The Key by Kieran Shea

    -Why can’t we go again? … -Be bad for you. -Bad for me? How so? -Jus’ bad. … … -It’s just a key. … -A sandbar practically. A couple of palms. Mangroves. … -Huh. Looks safe enough to me. -Señor should jus’ go back to his hotel, no? Nice beach at hotel. Clean. -But we […]

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  • Neighbors by Kieran Shea

    -What do you expect me to say, Brian?  That it’s all okay? That your sleeping with my wife doesn’t mean anything? -Jack, no. Jesus. No. Look, things just got out of hand. -Out of hand. -Yeah. We smoked a little pot. It was—what I mean to say is, none of this means anything. I swear, […]

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  • A Man Full Of Stones by Kieran Shea

    -Hey, Morgan. -Well, well.  Look at what the tide dragged in.  S’up, Mikey? -That him? -Who? -The guy in the corner.  Watching Vlatka on stage.  Bony-looking dude with the glasses. -Yeah.  That’s him. Guess who gets to take that creep to the airport in an hour? -You? -Yup. -Atlantic City? -Nope.  Philly.  God, I’m looking […]

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  • Tonight the Monkey Dies by Kieran Shea

    Five words. Two on either end. Will framed. No one will ever know. * -Hey, with that bed sheet wrapped around you, you kind of look like a Roman empress looking down on her people. … … -Yoo-hoo. Your majesty…. … -Hey. Are you OK? -We shouldn’t be here. … … -Well, I’ll admit…the Hyatt […]

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