• The Look by Keith Rawson

    You stare at him with the same vulnerable, searching glance you used when you met him at the McDonald’s off 44th and the I-10. It’s the kind of look lost four-year-olds and bugshit old people use when their memories go on the blink. It’s the victim look. It’s the dead and floating face down in […]

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  • Shotgun Honey Presents: Locked and Loaded

    Today we launch the third volume of the Both Barrels series with Shotgun Honey Presents: Locked and Loaded. Featuring 25 stories by: “A Boy Like Billy” by Patricia Abbott “Border Crossing” by Michael McGlade “Looking for the Death Trick” by Bracken MacLeod “Maybelle’s Last Stand” by Travis Richardson “Predators” by Marie S. Crosswell “Twenty to […]

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  • The Boyfriend Solution by Keith Rawson

    Clara threw up for what seemed like the thousandth time. Her guts clenching, surging up her throat, beads of sweat popping on her forehead.

    She’d always laughed herself silly at the Family Guy episode where the characters all take ipecac to see who gets the last piece of cherry pie.

    Fucking hilarious, that episode.

    She doesn’t think it’s all that funny anymore.





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  • Elbow Deep by Keith Rawson

    There are only three things you should ever go into debt for: Your house, because let’s face it, who the hell has 200 grand just sitting around? A new car, I never borrowed money on one of those until I got sick of driving around in ten year old beaters with no air conditioning or […]

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  • Girls Around a Campfire by Keith Rawson

    Motherfucker ain’t talkin’   I don’t get this loyalty shit? Seriously, that greasy motherfucker would sell that little asshole out for five hundred bucks and a blow job!   It’s that whole code of silence thing the Italians have going on. None of the old school guys live by it anymore, but most of these […]

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  • The Floating Man by Keith Rawson

    Nelson stared out the box window of his mother’s 2nd floor apartment trying to find the moon. The glare of the orange street lamps and dim white florescent glare of car headlamps made finding anything other than police helicopter spotlights close to impossible—even the moon. He remembered when he was 9 or 10 staring out […]

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