• The Lady Wore Fur by Amber Dubrick

    Cassidy Sinclair leaned against her boss’s desk and took a deep drag on the cigarette he’d offered her when she came into his office that Friday afternoon.

    “Is everything in order?” she asked, taking another drag before flicking the ash off the end of the cigarette. The room was dimly lit and felt a little stuffy. She knew the smoke wasn’t helping things, but in these instances, smoking was a necessity.

    Her boss, a large man who was tall and muscular, sat there, watching her face. She felt nervous, as if she was on display. She was used to him watching her like this, but knowing the task that was at hand, she couldn’t help but squirming.

    “You will call me at half past ten, and let me know the results. If I do not hear from you by then, I will assume you have failed, and you will be terminated. You will make sure that no one sees you, because I will deny any knowledge, and I will not come to your rescue. Is that understood?”

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