• In Heaven Some Day by Alexander Zelenyj

    The door swung outwards in conjunction with the soft exclamation that slipped through Leo Hardy’s blue, trembling lips. It took the dozens of students milling in the hall between classes, absorbed in their conversations, a moment to notice the peculiar sight of Hardy looking ill and unsteady on his feet in the doorway. Only one or two students noticed him cough a violent streak of blood down the front of his overalls, his eyes bugging out of their sockets and sweat beading his greening face in conjunction with the wet, bleating sound of him shitting himself where he tottered. It was only when he’d stumbled out among them with a gasp and one hand clutched on his ample belly and the other to his throat to promptly collapse face-first onto the dirty tiles that the students jamming the hallway ceased their jabbering and gaped at his immense spasming form.

    Into the stunned silence Hardy’s killer followed.

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