• Unsafe Load by Aidan Thorn

    To say I could do without this would be to massively understate my problem. I need to get out of the city. Fast. The car that pulled out in front of me at the last junction and is now doing a steady 15 however, is not matching my urgency. I wouldn’t have let him out, but he didn’t give me a lot of choice. Didn’t even look, pulled straight out. And now he’s ambling along at walking pace.

    Don’t get me wrong. I understand his caution. I’m fucked if I’d want to be driving around with all that shit strapped to my roof. Looks like he’s moving house and didn’t want to spring for a removals company. But then, I’m carrying a pretty unsafe load of my own, in that it’s hot as fuck and I’d imagine by now the fellas I stole it from have worked out its gone. And, who’s got it.

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  • The Replacement by Aidan Thorn

    The very definition of man was looking at me. Unfortunately I wasn’t in front of a mirror. It had been a long while since my peek, and I’d never looked as good as this guy. Shirtsleeves revealed a network of raised veins tight over thickly muscled arms. I’d put him mid-forties and there was no […]

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  • Waste Disposal by Aidan Thorn

    ‘Alright Eddie, what you up to tonight then?’ I recognise the copper that’s stood driver side of my old Bedford van but I can’t remember his name – and it’s not a priority to be honest. See, I’m a little distracted. I don’t like being able to smell a copper’s breath at the best of […]

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