Since 2011, Shotgun Honey has been a steady outlet for crime, noir, and hard-boiled flash fiction. Our prominent website has featured over 500 writers and has published nearly a thousand stories all told within a mere 700 words. If you feel you have what it takes to beat our gauntlet of editors, submit your story today. We’re look something new and fresh, and we hope that it’ll come from you.

Please consider and follow the following guidelines prior to submitting.

  • No Multiple Submissions1
  • 700 words or less (recommended no less than 300 words)
  • Genre is Crime, Noir, or Hard-boiled2
  • No content that could be deemed as condoning or promoting:
    • sexual abuse
    • child abuse
    • animal abuse
  • No romance, fetish, or pornographic fiction
  • Shotgun Honey flash fiction is a non-paying market at this time
  • All fiction published on Shotgun Honey is the copyright of the author

Submit Your Story

Shotgun Honey Flash will be closed through January. See you back in February. Hope you write something fantastic!

1. Submit only one story at a time. You may submit a new story as soon as your current submission is either accepted or rejected.

2. We have published western and horror fiction in the past, but unless otherwise stated, do not submit works outside the crime genre.