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Submissions are Closed until April 2019.

In 2012, we expanded to longer work and published our first anthology: Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels. This was our gateway into publishing, leading to a second anthology in 2013 and our first stand alone, or Single as we called them, novella, Federales by Christopher Irvin under the One Eye Press moniker. After two years and 8 Singles, Shotgun Honey, rebranding simply as Shotgun Honey, has partnered with Down & Out Books, a premier publisher of literary and crime fiction. Shotgun Honey, with it’s new partnership, is looking to fill it’s 2018 and 2019 catalog.

We are looking for unique voices in crime fiction who have a story to tell. It doesn’t need to be a Magnum Opus, but a great story that keeps the reader reading from cover to cover in a single sitting (or two). There used to be a time when good crime fiction from Chandler, Cain, Thompson and others came in short works of a hundred pages and little more, but those simple pulp novels didn’t lack for quality. We want to publish works that can be read on a train, on a break, or in those stolen moments during the day. Quick and consumable.

Please consider the following before you submit:

  • We are looking for Crime fiction. That can be contemporary, urban, rural, historical, or even a good mashup with another genre (but primarily crime).
  • We will also consider short story collections or novel-in-stories, ore even a combination. The package has to be cohesive.
  • Word Count. Remember short is the key, but not too short we can publish a paperback companion. 25k – 50k words max, and no less.
  • We are not looking for romance, fetish, or pornography.
  • We will not consider anything that promotes or condones abuse of women, children, or animals.
  • This is a query, submit your pitch and sample, and nothing more.
  • All queries will be responded to within 60 days. If your manuscript is picked up elsewhere, please let us know as soon as possible.
  • Good luck!

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Submissions are Closed until October 2019.