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  • Fishing by Dyer Wilk

    Todays Flash Back originally posted November 19, 2012: Me and the boys are in the boat and we’ve decided to play Deadliest Catch––only the waters of the Gulf are calm and green, and the creature at the end of the line is a fat 40-year-old man wearing a bad toupee. He flails and splashes, begging. We […]

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  • The End of the Night by Eva Dolan

    “I’ve been thrown outta way better places than this,” Damon said. He picked himself up off the pavement. There was blood on his shirt, champagne on his trousers at two fifty a bottle. He never got a sip of it. The girl’s red pastie was still stuck to his fingers. “Hey, Mike Tyson’s retarded brother, […]

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  • I Do by John Rector

    It was hard getting past the root, but after the third one went in, he got the hang of it. The trick was finding a soft spot between the teeth. Occasionally he’d slip, and Sally would scream, thrashing against the restraints. He’d smile, calmly take another carpet tack from the box (he had plenty), and […]

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  • 6/8 by Trey R. Barker

    Jazz bop rebop and she won’t leave my head. But I got Miles, too, bopping cool but hot as a gun barrel. Touch it and the hot burns and why’s it always night time dark time when I’m digging Miles?  Or Brown or Rollins. Night and rain and she’s two years gone. Thunder like jazz […]

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  • Lessons Learned by Allan Leverone

    The kid eased into my Jaguar in half a heartbeat, all smug self-assurance and low-riding jeans. And a snub-nosed .38, which he jammed under my chin. “Drive,” he said, and it seemed like the best option, so I did. The light turned green and the traffic moved sluggishly along Storrow Drive. I checked the rear […]

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