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  • Vital Crime Fiction: Knuckledragger by Rusty Barnes

    My Inspiration Knuckledragger’s milieu is working-class/immigrant-populated but rapidly gentrifying Revere MA, home of America’s first public beach. While walking up and down that very working-class beach and the other city streets, I took inspiration from the many convenience stores, Cambodian markets and bakeries, while trying my best to reimagine it all as the scene of a crime, […]

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  • Tom Pitts Takes Over

    Last week I called up Ron Earl over at Shotgun Honey and asked if I could get some promo in for my new novel, HUSTLE. His answer? NO. Didn’t even think about it, didn’t even take a breath, he just said NO. Then I tried Irvin. Same thing: Flat out NO. (In fact, Chris may […]

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  • A Wonderful Country by Dan O’Shea

    A Wonderful Country A Darius Cunningham and Ezekiel Fisher story from the world of PENANCE U.S. Marine Scout/Sniper Barracks, Camp Pendleton California, 1979 The new guy dumped his duffel on his bunk, looked around the room. “So, which one of you assholes used to be the best shot here?” he said. Cocky. The new guys […]

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  • Guns of Palo Alto by Josh Stallings

    I’ve always been an adrenaline junky. 1972 – I am 13.  I found my brother’s snub nosed Smith & Wesson .38 Chiefs Special.  I unload it and replace one cartridge then spin the cylinder. I pull back the hammer. I’m a pussy, so I look to where the shell is in rotation.  I put the […]

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