Sangre Road


About the Author

David Tromblay served in the U.S. Armed Forces for over a decade before attending the Institute of American Indian Arts for his MFA in Creative Writing. His work has appeared in storySouth; Mystery Tribune; Michigan Quarterly Review; RED INK; Pank Magazine; The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature; Yellow Medicine Review; Watershed Review; FIVE:2: ONE Magazine; BULL: Men’s Magazine, and Red Earth Review. His memoir, AS YOU WERE, is forthcoming from Dzanc Books (February 16, 2021). He lives in Tulsa with his cat, Walter, and dogs, Bentley and Hank.

Introducing Moses Kincaid, an ornery, brazen, and possibly punch-drunk bounty hunter who must track down a skip trace into rural Oklahoma; circa summer 1995. Follow along as he comes up against bikers, prison peckerwoods, zombies, pro-midget wrestlers, holes up in no-tell motels and greasy-spoon diners, and gets gifted mouthful after mouthful of heavy-duty pain pills for the bumps and bruises he earns along the way!


“David Tromblay has created a violent and wistful elegy to small-town America that cuts as sharp as an ice pick and goes twice as deep.”

—S.A. Cosby, author of Blacktop Wasteland

“Tromblay is a natural storyteller with an ear tuned for dialogue and an imagination that will keep readers wide-eyed and guessing, slack-jawed, and entertained. A manhunt shouldn’t be this fun.”

—David Joy, author of When These Mountains Burn

Sangre Road is spectacular! From slow-burn to inferno in character development, story and inventive twists and unexpected turns.”

—Stephen Mack Jones, author of August Snow and Dead of Winter

“Quick-witted, fast-paced, unpredictable. All roads converge to make Sangre Road a raucous, wide-open, crime-riddled joy ride.”

—Michael Farris Smith, author of Nick and Blackwood

Sangre Road is a wild trip through a surreal Clinton-era Oklahoma, paced like a small-town stock car race without any rules. And funny as hell to boot.”

—Scott Phillips, author of That Left Turn at Albuquerque and The Ice Harvest

Sangre Road is a gritty, funny crime caper that beats with a big heart. It’s one part Coen Brothers, one part Elmore Leonard, but also a beast all its own. It takes you to unexpected places and leaves you thinking.”

—Nick Kolakowski, author of Boise Longpig Hunting Club and A Brutal Bunch of Heartbroken Saps

“Tromblay’s writing is easy to fall into because he is clear and funny, and just when you’re relaxed, he’ll hit you with a line that makes you go ‘hell yeah.’ Sangre Road is alive with the weirdo types of characters you’d see on a given day in Oklahoma, and their color and humanity shine through. Truly a pleasure to read crime fiction this good.”

—J. David Osborne, author of Black Gum

“A rough-and-tumble journey through a landscape as colorful as its inhabitants.”

—Steph Post, author of Lightwood

“David Tromblay has done that thing we don’t get enough of; a remarkably unlikeable character dropped into a book that’ll make you turn the pages regardless. Tone, smell, dust, and heat all live here on Sangre Road, and the chop-along dialogue will speed you right down to the end of the trail. Buckle up!”

—Theo Van Alst Jr, author of Sacred Smokes

“David Tromblay’s Sangre Road pulsates with intensity. It’s scrappy, sharp-edged, wild, and funny. One hell of a memorable ride.”

—William Boyle, author of City of Margins and Gravesend

“A thrill ride through Oklahoma alongside the stubborn, punch-drunk, smart-mouthed bounty hunter Moses Kincaid, complete with bikers, prison peckerwoods, zombies, pro midget wrestlers, no-tell motels, greasy-spoon diners, and enough mouthfuls of heavy-duty pain pills to keep you asking, ‘what’s next?’”

—Penni Jones, author of Suicide Souls and On the Bricks

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