April Kelly

April Kelly has committed crimes for Down & Out Magazine, Mysterical-e and multiple times for Shotgun Honey, while her humor pieces and less crimey fiction have appeared  in Floyd County Moonshine, Hunger Mountain Literary Journal, The Mark Twain House Online Magazine and DASH Literary Journal.  Previously she was an Emmy-nominated comedy writer, toiling on shows like Mork & Mindy and Webster, and creating others like Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World. Murder: Take Three, from the series she writes with former federal prosecutor Marsha Lyons, was a Shamus Award finalist, and her detective novel Valentine’s Day is available on Kindle and at Amazon.

2 Responses to “April Kelly”

  1. Just Ol' Bob

    Have read some of the short stories in the Shotgun Honey section, which were done by April Kelly, and enjoyed every one so far, I am looking for more of her creations. Planning to pick up a copy of Murder In One Take.

  2. Just Ol' Bob

    I got April Kelly’s “Murder In One Take,” really enjoyed it and have never chuckled/laughed so much while reading a book, really liked the plot twists. Looking for others by April Kelly.