Aaron Philip Clark

Aaron Philip Clark is a native of Los Angeles, CA. He is a novelist and poet. His first novel, THE SCIENCE OF PAUL: A Novel of Crime (New Pulp Press), was published in 2011. The debut was met with interest and acclaim. Clark followed THE SCIENCE OF PAUL with A HEALTHY FEAR OF MAN (Snubnose Press) which was published the following year. Both novels featured the morally plagued and emotionally damaged protagonist, Paul Little, as he fought to escape the perils of Philadelphia street culture and return to his deceased grandfather’s farm in North Carolina. Inspired by works of French existentialists, Clark’s prose reverberated with ideas and philosophies put forth by Jean Paul Sartre, Jean-Patrick Manchette, and Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

Clark’s third book, THE FURIOUS WAY (Shotgun Honey Books), will be published in 2018. Clark’s current work-in-progress, THE COLOR OF AUTHORITY, is a first-person novel inspired by Clark’s experiences in LAPD.