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  • Book Submissions Open until February 28, 2020

    Shotgun Honey Books, an imprint of Down & Out Books, is now open for book submissions for our limited 2021 catalog of 4-6 books. We will be selective, looking for books in the crime genre that are unique whether they be coming of age (Hardway, Dillo, The Furious Way), road trips (A Brutal Bunch of […]

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  • Submissions Open for Shotgun Honey Presents Volume 4.

    In 2012 we published our first book, Shotgun Honey Presents: Both Barrels, an anthology featuring 29 tales of crime from authors like Frank Bill, Chris F. Holm, and Kieron Shea. We continued with two additional volumes in 2013 and 2015, Reloaded and Locked and Loaded. All three were general crime, noir and mystery compilations. All three are still in circulation […]

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  • Blight Digest Opens Submissions

    Hail all horrors. The Blight Digest floodgates are open once again to fill out the upcoming Summer 2015 edition. As with previous submission cycles, Blight Digest is looking for genuine tales of fright that focus on the terror of facing horror both real and imagined. Good stories win out over tropes and subtypes of the […]

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  • BLIGHT DIGEST closes to submissions

    After a very successful second submission cycle, One Eye Press wants to thank all those who submitted stories for consideration to our Winter 2015 issue and beyond. Now that the submission window has closed our BLIGHT DIGEST editors will continue working through the entries to fill future issues. With the volume we do expect this […]

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  • Locked and Loaded and Ready for Submissions

    One Eye Press and Shotgun Honey are pleased to announce the opening of submissions for Locked and Loaded: Both Barrels Vol. 3. Shotgun Honey launched April 5th, 2011 with the singular goal to publish quality flash crime fiction, stories under 700 words that can satisfy in a single reading. Upon the 1st anniversary editiors Kent […]

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