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In 2011, a ragtag team of misfits lead by Kent Gowran set upon recreating the lost glory of D.Z. Allen’s MUZZLE FLASH FICTION, a flash fiction site loosely associated with Out of the Gutters and dedicated to abbreviated stories of crime. That creation, spawned by longing of things vanished (but if you attempt a journey wayback, you might gain a glimps), was sprung upon the crime collective on April 5, 2011 as SHOTGUN HONEY. Originating on Blogger, SHOTGUN HONEY maintained a consumptive pace of 3 stories a week for its first year and has since harbored 100s of stories from writers around the world.

bothbarrels_halfcover_smallIn the fall of 2012, giving our writers a broader scope, ie. more words to play with, the original editors compiled the first SHOTGUN HONEY PRESENTS anthology, BOTH BARRELS. This collected 29 short stories of crime from previous contributors to the site, as well as a few added guests. This would be our first foray into publishing and the first use of the imprint SHOTGUN HONEY BOOKS.

With a growing audience, expansion into multiple genre, ONE EYE PRESS was created in 2013 as a publishing company to handle SHOTGUN HONEY, a western product called THE BIG ADIOS, and the horror fiction magazine BLIGHT DIGEST.

From 2014 to 2016, ONE EYE PRESS released two additional SHOTGUN HONEY PRESENTS anthologies, a line of novellas called Singles (fast quick reads intended to be read in a single sitting), as well as the odd western and horror collections.

In June 2016, ONE EYE PRESS returns to its roots and becomes SHOTGUN HONEY BOOKS, or just SHOTGUN HONEY to keep it simple, with the continued focus on short fiction and stories.

Shotgun Honey – Fiction with a kick.


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In Memory of William E. Wallace

This last Saturday (February 25, 2017) we lost a member of the Shotgun Honey family. The incomparable William E. Wallace, who after a lifetime of crime reporting turned his experience towards crime fiction. Not only as a writer, but as a consumer and reviewer. My first experiences with William were from reviews he had written about Shotgun Honey books and stories, and naturally when he began to submit his own work. We were priviledge to publish three of his short stories and what we hoped would be the first in a series of Eddie Pax novellas, Face Value.

William, or Bill as his friends called him, was the kind of guy who played the cards he was dealt, face up regardless. We knew he had terminal cancer, and he fought it, endured it with more courage and grace than most, but prepared or not we weren't ready.

The crime writing community, the small press community, have lost a treasure with the passing of William E. Wallace who acted as an advocate, a contributor, and a friend. I don't know what stories he may have finished in those last days, but I hope to read them one day.

Our condolences to William's family, friends, and fans.

Ron Earl Phillips
Publisher and Friend